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Our interactive online virtual Murder Mystery Parties can be staged for a group as large as 50. Here's what to do:

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Host a Virtual Murder Mystery via Zoom with Our Professional Actors Portraying the Suspects 

​​​​​​1.  Review the scenarios on The Mysteries page by clicking on the "Snapshot" for each case. All of the of the mysteries have six or eight suspects - perfect for fundraisers and special events for associations and businesses. Or, you might just want to gather your sleuthing colleagues together during this unique period of social distancing. Since your mystery party will be available everywhere in the world, your international friends can also sign on and participate.

After you select the mystery, we'll take over and assign the suspect roles to our cadre of professional actors.

​2.  If you are hosting the party, you'll be invited to one of our rehearsals on Zoom where you'll virtually meet the actors. You'll have the chance to tell us more about your group so that we can personalize the event and have a better understanding of your group.

3.  In advance of your mystery party, you'll be sent personalized mystery information that you can send to your party's attendees to prepare them for your memorable evening.​​

​4. Call (262)377-7230 or use the Contact Us! form to tell Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta about your event. Your questions will be eagerly answered as we construct your one-of-a-kind virtual murder mystery.

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