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Host a Virtual Murder Mystery via Zoom with Our Professional Actors Portraying the Suspects 


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Jack Pachuta is a mysterious guy! Since a dark and stormy night many years ago, he has authored and facilitated murder mystery events for clients across the United States and Canada. Plus, he sells his complete murder mystery party kits around the world via his websites.​ ​In his alter-ego as a speaker, trainer and consultant, he partners his mysteries with unique learning experiences that focus on team building, communications, negotiations and sales. 

An inveterate games player, Jack enjoys the challenge of solving puzzles and weaving together facts and details into memorable, entertaining experiences. He regularly conducts mystery writing boot camps during which he shares his unique insights about developing and facilitating murder mystery parties.​ ​

Interactive - Question the suspects

Theatrical - Enjoy professional performances

Global - Participate worldwide

Connective - Work in teams to solve the case

I just wanted to let you know what a roaring success our event was. Everyone present (close to 50 people) absolutely LOVED it!  I am still getting feedback as to how much fun it was.

The length of the event was perfect, as were the timing of each suspect with each team for questioning, and you keeping us on task as to what was next. Overall, a completely enjoyable evening, and one we will definitely repeat in the future!

Marsha Van Valkenburg

St. Andrew & St. Charles Episcopal Church

Granada Hills, CA


I just wanted to say a huge thank you from me and everyone at the party last night. It was better than I could have hoped for and everyone has been telling me how much fun they had. Thank you so much for making it such a fun evening! 

Chloé Edward

Bristol, England


Friday's event was a huge success! THANK YOU very much, I want to congratulate you all on an amazing job. The event was super fun and everyone enjoyed it, all I hear is positive feedback. I look forward to working with you all again in the near future. 

Cory Garcia, Lifestyle Manager

FS Residential

Midlothian, VA

Dear Murder Mystery Party Fan,

If you've ever staged or participated in murder mystery events, you already know how popular they are with just about everyone.  The intricacies of solving a well-crafted interactive case bring people together in a very special way – something that you are missing today. Because of the current complex world situation, my memorable murder mystery events have been adapted to a new life in the cyber-world, but with a unique twist.

Here’s what I mean!

Many of my investigative colleagues have been performing in theatrical murder mysteries for years. So, I’ve called upon their acting talents to provide you with professionally produced and acted whodunits via Zoom in a worldwide interactive arena.

That's Right . . .

Not only will you be treated to a finetuned performance, but you'll also be able to question the suspects. Due to the magic of Zoom, your group will form teams that will interact with suspects in "Breakout Rooms." Then, your team's individual solution to the case will be announced to everyone.

If you’ve never used Zoom, click on the icon on the right to set it up on your computer for FREE. You’ll find out how easy it is to use, and I’ll show you how it will be utilized to orchestrate your murder mystery party.

Want to find out more?

Click on the red bar at the bottom of the page to preview the 10 entertaining cases that are available to you. You’re certain to find the perfect scenario for your group. Then, take a look at the credentials of the professionals who portray the suspects.

Feel free to contact me in my Subterranean World Headquarters at
(262)377-7230 if you have any questions.

Sleuthing regards,
Jack Pachuta
The Chief Inspector


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